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Peta Geologi Kabupaten Muna (klik perbesar)
Muna is that one of 5 big island on southeast sulawesi, from the early of figuration of Southeast Sulawesi administrative, Muna already known as one oldest kingdoms lay at southeast Sulawesi arm. Muna People known as Muna ethnic is agro culture livelihood. Their famous agro commodity is jambu mette (cashew) and Jati Muna (hardwood teak).

Muna island have uniq geology condition. Muna island almost covered by quarter limestone. with topography karts make Muna Island are famous with their exotic landscape, one of famous karst topography is Liangkabori cave. This cave not only shown some karst figure but also has fossil and prehistory human painting.

Muna island with 268.140 people live there and population density about 40 – 150 soul/km2 (BPS Sultra sensus 2010). Muna GRP almost Rp.840.242.000.000 make income percapita nearly Rp. 3,133,594 per years equal USD 348 per years (if USD 1 = Rp. 9.000). Muna economic growth is up 7% per years with unemployment decreasing under 1000 soul/years but BPS 2012 record says Muna people live under poor line is around 59.900 peoples.

Bappenas RI analysis economic growth and poor decreasing of Muna Region shown that Muna region is low growth economy but pro-poor. So the Muna government main challenge is to keep the affectivities and efficiency pro-poor program also in same time to push economic growth with some acceleration program at priority sector such as agro industry, fishery industry, services and trading.

To us as geologist on Southeast Sulawesi is question that what contribution can we make to answer this Muna problems. With our geology knowledge about characterize of earth and with a little understanding of geology economic of mineral. 

So let us as geologist expert give Muna government some positive advise to develop their economic with their geology potential to acceleration agro industry sector. We as geologist understanding that Muna geology is covered by quarter limestone. so let we give some few clearly about Muna limestone, limestone economic value and how to limestone production.

Limestone Utilize

Limestone is carbonate rock containing calcite CaCO3 dominant. Limestone with composite High Calcium become useful to plantation growth process. So Limestone with CaCO3 can be process to agricultural lime or aglime using some kind of processing with or without chemical part. Another beneficiary from limestone is this main raw material for cement industry.

Produksi Kapur Pertanian
But for low technology and low capital modal for develop economic value of Muna Region base from limestone potential. We recommended to Muna limestone use is targeting to agricultural lime. This program can be done by Muna people for their growth income percapita cause this mineral development is not use high tech and not need massive capital so poor people can be effort this industry so poor people can be decrease rapidly and another hand economic growth can be maintain.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Mining of Muna limestone for agricultural lime can be done with surface mining or quarry. Surface mining or quarry can be open pit or open cast method. Mining eguipment for Muna limestone quarry depend on how much capital their use. For poor people can be manage by koperasi and using some basic conventional tool such as mattock, shovel and cart for hauling raw material to mill plant. For Muna limestone mining equipment for small scale mining with sufficient capital can be using semi mechanizes or full mechanizes with dozer, excavator and truck.

After Muna limestone mining than material must be crashing using on milling processing into certainly size. Usually with output around size 8 to 60 mesh than by burning processing or hydro processing for next grade or final processing for Muna limestone to agricultural lime.
According to practice use in agriculture shown that agricultural lime particles between 8 mesh and 60 mesh (wikipedia) are somewhat effective and particles smaller than 60 mesh are 100 percent effective to penetrate acid soil.

Demand of agricultural lime

Demand of agricultural lime is high cause of their wide function purpose in agriculture even now is using in mining reclamation for acid soil. Agricultural lime is use in paddy farm, shrimp pond, water supply and farm.
Demand of agricultural lime will increase year after year cause primary by the application of modem chemical fertilizers is a major contributor to soil acid by the process in which the plant nutrients react in the soil (wikipedia).

People of Indonesia nearly 2 billion souls and 80% is living on village with 80% of them is farmer. Southeast Sulawesi people around 2 million and 90% is farmer. Muna people around 2 hundreds people and 92% is farmer. With dry land suitable for farms and 60% soil is need pH treatment (very acid to semi acid) than domestic demand for agricultural lime is very high.

Government Policy

In order to develop Muna limestone resources and anticipate the increase demand agricultural lime for agro industry purpose. Government of Southeast Sulawesi and Muna Regency has several top issue, which will promote the growth of investment, increasing production of Muna limestone and export of agricultural lime.
First issue for agricultural lime is to arrange some limestone area to become mining permit area for Muna local and small scale miner.
Second issue is to help sustain of agriculture lime industry than government of southeast Sulawesi dan muna must concern about suitable local regulation and simple bureaucracy for mining permit process.
Third issue is technical and financial adviser for local small scale miner to improve their technical for fertilizer product and environmental management.
Four issue is to open same private company from domestic or foreign capital but with limitazion and their must maintain local mining company and industry for Muna limestone so it will growth to gather.

We believe if this four main issue can be done than Muna limestone and agricultural lime industry can be primer industry for booster muna regency prosperously.

For more technical helping and consultation about Muna limestone and agricultural lime process including how to arranger mining permit process etc, Please contact us at Dinas ESDM Sulawesi Tenggara (Energy and Mineral Resources Service of Southeast Sulawesi) Jl. Malik Raya No. 3 Kendari-Indonesia. Tel. +62-401-3127147 or email : makkawaru@gmail.com.

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