Minggu, 01 April 2012


In every live, people can't walk alone, their have a friends or patron to make their live as it be, including my live. There is a man, geologist from ITB Bandung. This man has influence not only my geologist knowledge but also my career and my mind as geologist.

This man has along career as geologist, from the student geologist at 1962 until pension as geologist expert at 2006 a lot of level geologist career already his pass through. From bureaucracy to academic career. From lower level geologist as geology staff at government officer to high level officer (CEO) at regional government officer both experience as central government institution known as KAKANWIL to regional government known as KADIS. In academic career from lecture at national university to dean at private university.

With almost full of activity, but quality live as head of his family is not slighted, he has 2 children and mostly their pass undergraduate from reputable national university like UGM in yogyakarta and UNHAS in Makassar.I haven't seen in daily live this man complaint or regrets about his live. I always hear baritone voice every day singing "My Way" from frank Sinatra and he smile looking always in his face whereas he is lever acute illness.

Now that man already pass away but his lesson of geologist live, his word nor his act always molded on my mind. Farewell my mentor, my best friend and.... My beloved FATHER...Ir. OLLOKE JASSIN.

Kiss and Hugh from yours son and your grandchild : Gelya, Granityo & Gladys.

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