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Geology, IT and Solar Energy

Information technology (IT) era is rapid information interchange and transparent information era.Geology is a knowledge that build by acurate information base on field data.

Geology with information technology system is mean geology data with rapid information interchange and acurate information of geology data. IT built as a computerize system so data to report as the output can be done by fast, clear and not bias data.

I think as geologist by this condition than coventional method of recording geology data must transform to modern recording by using IT system. In the conventional recording, geologist used note book, pencil, camera, compass geology, gps device and hardcopy map for plotting the data. But if we use IT system we only use 1 device as a single recording tool.

It is very useful, light, and simple for geologist to recording important field data, cause of 1 single recording so bias or blank data can be recognize very fast.Imagine on conventional recording of one geology data such bedding structure on sediment data, first take geography position with gps than make measure of strike/dip of beding. Plotting data record on note book and map, than take sketch or picture by camera, after back to base camp than all data from different device than reunion as one final report than some problem may be occure such as data on note field mistaken with photo or some important data field not recording so there some blank data for interpretation etc, and also it consume so many time and a lot off energy, but if all activity on single device than it make it simple, fast and error of interchange data will be minimalize.

Recen IT technology such smartphone and tablet computer very easier to carry on. It have program for geology field such as strike/dip measurement, compass, gps and event satelite image such goegle earth. So work and plotting data is not consume a month or a week but a day or event a hours cause of if there a signal GSM than data can be sand directly to remote office so can be analysis by expert on center office…very useful and informative.

The main problem of IT is energy for IT device can work properly. Geology work is commonly on remote area, far from city activity so luck of electricity energy for charger battery of IT device. That so Solar energy become one of solution.
Solar energy can be main resources to charger main battery than charger battery of IT device.

This solar energy has beneficiary cause of sources is abundant on tropical climate, this technology is better known recent day. A Main Battery or some people call it as accu/aki can be use as main storage energy can be easily found and flexible for mobile work. So cause of solar energy technology than IT device for geology work can be done and the time for geology data to publish can be fastest also real time.

Contribution geology for IT technology and Solar technology by when both technology are use in frequently on geology field works. So can gift important information to develop of both technology events it is beneficiary or weakness.

This feedback can help of both technology expert to improve it so can be use to any stage of geology investigation level. And important thing that geology work on future is to improving and looking for a new resource of renewable energy potential.

Good luck and keep work as geologist

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